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This species has generated fire. In a Sydney hospital that the wiring was so damaged an electrical blackout was triggered by it to some critical and large area of the hospital.

Map: Distribution of Coptotermes acinaciformis. Source: Australian Faunal Directory. Creative Commons licence: CC BY 3.0 AU

Coptotermes acinaciformis is found in a few high-rainfall regions, except over the whole mainland and along a number of the shore, from Jervis

Bay in New South Wales to Cape Otway in Victoria.


C. frenchi and C. lacteus are comparable species. Soldiers are 4.0-5.0mm long, which can be smaller than C. acinaciformis, and their mind is pear shaped. They nest in tree trunks and attack sound timber, in mounds or in the ground . They're a significant economic pest, but cause damage that is less than C.



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Soldiers are just 1 1-1 3 mm long, workers 10-1 1.5mm and alates up to 3 5mm with 50mm wings. They've curved yellow to reddish brown heads and brief mandibles.

Mastotermes darwiniensis is regarded as the most primitive termite species, having several cockroach-like characteristics which other termites don't have, like putting its eggs in egg cases in bunches and having a anal lobe at the base of the hind wings of their alates (as shown in the image below). .

Mastotermes darwiniensis nests are in the floor and it doesn't build mounds. They could have up to several million termites when food supplies are plentiful, although colonies aren't large in its locations. This is usually when they are provided by activity with substantial resources of food and moisture.



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It does not happen in rainforest areas. .

Mastotermes darwiniensis is the most destructive termite in Australia in regard to the products it can damage in agriculture and buildings along with the rapidity and extent of harm. Products attacked include any sort of timber structure, poles, railway sleepers, plant products including woven fibers, paper, sugar, flour, a range of tree species and agricultural crops, bone, leather, dung, plastic electric cable insulation, lead piping, bitumen, concrete. .

A major pest is in this genus, Cryptotermes brevis, that is an introduced invasive species and can be described and a group of minor termite pest species which are described below:

C. cynocephalus, Indo-Malaysian drywood termite: The smallest Cryptotermes species in Australia. It creates colonies that are small and is of minor economic importance. Attacks sawn logs wood and deadwood of trees. Soldier body length 2.5 3.7mm, head width seldom exceeding 1mm.



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C. domesticus: Occurs in northern Australia. Types colonies and can be a small pest. Has been found in structural lumber, packing cases, doors, flooring, furniture in houses, logs. Soldier body length 3.2 5-5.90mm.

C. dudleyi: Pa DIL says it is not established on mainland Australia but is often found infesting wooden crates on boats entering N. Australia.

C. primus: Located in southern Queensland and coastal Regions of New South Wales. Types colonies and can be a pest of structures. Pa DIL reports it strikes timbers in structures, such as beams, poles, floorboards, skirtings, etc.. Soldier body length 4-6.5 mm.



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The West Indian drywood termite is indigenous to northern South America and among the most serious termite pests globally. As a drywood termite it doesnt need moisture to endure. It can infest small pieces of timber, which makes it easy to disperse. A large number of colonies may co-exist close each other in the same building or piece of timber, although colonies are modest at up to 1000 people.



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It is subject to control 201 4 to prevent its spread, and is an invasive species in Australia, acquiring the ability to displace termite species. This allows officers to inspect timber, including entering land, remove objects and ruin any termites present. .



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C. brevis was first recorded in Australia in the 19 60s and is currently established in southern coastal regions, mainly in Brisbane, Maryborough, Bundaberg, and Rockhampton, and has also been click to find out more found in Sydney and Canberra.

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Heterotermes ferox mostly does shallow damage on wood of fences, poles, posts, flooring and wood decking. Occasionally although it is generally of minor significance damages sound wood. Colonies are small and underground but it can have multiple colonies close together. When disturbed, Soldiers and workers are not competitive and slow moving.

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Heterotermes ferox occurs in Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales. ABIS reports that the species is more widespread, being found in southern Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and southern Western Australia, and is the most commonly encountered species of Heterotermes in southern Queensland.

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