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White ants would be the one thing which can strike fear into any homeowners center, and the damage they perform can be heartbreaking.  When it comes to white ants, pest control is an absolute must (see termite pest control for more information) to prevent them from invading your home or causing more harm than they already have.  Heres some more info. .

White ants are just another name for termites. They are known as white ants because of the way they seem.  You ought to know, however, that white ants are not actually ants.  White ants would rather be in large colonies and they're wood eating insects that can lead to damage to wood (and wood structures) in a surprisingly short time period. .

When it comes to stopping white ants from entering your home, prevention really is the secret.  You should be certain that all sources of timber have been removed from around buildings, that all timber formwork and wood construction waste is eliminated, and than any wood you do use is suitably treated or naturally resistant to termites.  White ants also like water so that you must make sure that there is no dampness under or around the home and any leaks are fixed as soon as possible.



Not known Facts About Termite Control Research

To guard your house against white ants, you should have some type of a barrier installed. This can be a compound or a physical barrier.  Chemical barriers are when chemical insecticides are injected into the ground around the home.  The compounds can also be impregnated into a plastic sheet that's then installed in precisely the same way as a physical obstacle.  Physical barriers are also installed in the soil around or the house and/or within cavity walls and they are made of substances that termites cannot chew through.

If white ants have been found in or around your premises, they view need to be treated and this is called curative treatment.  In some scenarios, the pest control professional may be able to find the nest and destroy it by removing it applying an insecticide.  Another treatment option is to use barrier treatments, dusts, or termite baiting. .

A barrier treatment is when a chemical soil barrier is put under and around the home with the aim to kill the white ants.  The chemicals can also be applied directly to the infested area inside the home.  Dusts are put on the timber or place infested by white ants, and it works by settling on the white ant who then carries it back to the nest.  Because white ants groom each other, the dust eventually works its way through the nest, killing the white ants.  Termite baiting uses bait stations that gather termites and when enough termites are in the lure, an insecticide is used.



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Some Known Details About Termite Control Remedies

The white ants cannibalise their deceased therefore the insecticide spreads throughout the colony in this manner. .

Theres nothing more dangerous and ruinous than termites in wooden furniture. What makes it worse is that it is difficult to notice when the infestation creeps in.

There are two kinds of termites that can affect wooden furniture subterranean and drywood.   Subterranean termites live in soil in addition to wood while drywood termites only attack wood.

The former favor moist conditions and can build colonies under the house, meaning they can easily ruin wooden foundations if any.



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Look out for holes in the woodwork. Tap or push against it with a pointed object. If it falls readily, then its a sure sign of termites in wooden furniture.Keep an eye out for sawdust, wood-colored termite droppings or wings around areas where chips or cracks appear on the furniture.Mud tube formations on the walls of the house are a sign of subterranean termites. .



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Seeking professional help is a smart thing to do. But if the infestation is not severe, you can Eliminate termites in wooden furniture using these DIY hints:

Termites thrive in moist, and dark conditions. Leave your wooden furniture in sunlight for 2-3 days continuously. Termites cant stand heat and perish easily. This method also can help eliminate the moisture in the furniture, thus preventing further infestation.

Cardboard consists of cellulose and a woody smell that termites cant resist. Moisten it with water to generate the smell more distinct and put it near the affected region. Within a few hours, the termites lure from the open cardboard. Discard or burn it to eliminate termites in wooden furniture. .



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Not known Facts About Termite Control Recommendations

Create a solution of borax powder and warm water and spray it on the affected regions. Its a non-toxic procedure and ensures thieves in wooden furniture vanish after a few applications. You can also combine this method with the cardboard trap for better outcomes.

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